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EggTeam's Etsy Featured Seller Giveaway

Join the fun with the EggTeam's Featured Seller Giveaway! Each month you'll find an Etsy seller featured here on the EggTeam blog. The featured seller will identify a task that will earn you one entry to the giveaway for that month. One additional entry is offered for completing another one or more of the following five options for up to 5 additional entries:

1. Go to the featured seller's shop & heart an item in the shop. Come back here, link to it and tell us why you hearted that item.
2. Become a follower of this blog (just leave a comment if you are already a follower).
3. Blog about this giveaway--leave a separate comment with the blog link. Your blog post must link back to this giveaway post.
4. Tweet about this giveaway--leave a separate comment with the twittered link and your twitter username.
5. "Like" or "Comment" on this giveaway on Facebook and leave a link to your FB page in your comment.

Don't be shy! Here's your chance to get to know some of the best shops found on Etsy and to earn some great gifts along the way!!

May 2010 Etsy Featured Seller

Meet Melanie! She has two active shops on Etsy which are:

Soapaddicts is her shop specializing in handmade soaps and assorted bath and body products. Reducereuserepurpose is Melanie's second shop, dedicated to saving the earth by recycling, repurposing and reusing all manner of things into upcycled goodies. The winner of this month's giveaway will have their pick of one item from Soapaddicts AND a set of color therapy dolls & complete set of Recipe Files from Reducereuserepurpose. Deadline for qualifying entries is: May 30, 2010. Winner will be notified on or before June 5, 2010.

Melanie operates her Etsy shops from Orlando, Florida. She's only been in the "Sunshine State" for about five years and is actually a native New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent. She is a swapaholic and loves to join in tea swaps as a member of When she is not working on items for her shop, Melanie can be found working on an online degree for medical billing and coding, spending time with her boyfriend or reading. Her other interests include: music, writing, flea markets, rummage/yard sales and farmer's markets. She loves animals, especially dogs and is the proud owner of three beagles. Some of her favorite things include: chocolate, ancient Roman and Egyptian architecture, the Harry Potter books & movies, her own bacon ranch mashed potatoes,, history in general, and listening to other people.

For as long as she can remember, Melanie has been making things, drawing and writing. Her artistic talents were a gift from her birth parents. When she lived in New York city she would spend hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum and was greatly inspired by collections found in those institutions. But she also finds inspiration for her art in people, places and things that surround her everyday. When working on an upcycled project, it is the recycled object itself that speaks to her of its new possibilities. New soap and bath & body products are often inspired by her moods.

Melanie is the founder and team leader for the EggTeam, aka the Etsy Goodie Goodies Street Team. Her desire to do good things, no matter what they are or how big or small, was her motivation for creating the EggTeam. Etsy officially recognized the team on February 1, 2010, and it's been full steam ahead ever since. The EggTeam is actively seeking new members and currently includes Etsy members from around the globe. The team is about having fun, supporting each other, helping promote each other's shops and doing good deeds overall. The team's latest joint venture was to provide handmade blankets for the dogs and cats of the New York SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). But as Melanie says, "We don't only do good deeds in a huge team way, but in little spurts as well. For example, I go around the (Etsy) forums and help where I can--when I see a question I can answer or post a link to information someone is looking to find. . . .So you see, doing good deeds does not need to be an activity, but just being a good-hearted person overall." Way to go Mel!!

An Etsy member since 2006, Melanie has these words of wisdom to share with other artists, "Do NOT give up! Keep pushing yourself to be the best that you can and if you're selling online keep giving it your all." As Melanie sees it--you can't expect the money to come rolling in overnight, but you can expect a sense of satisfaction when you've made that first sale and get that first piece of awesome feedback!

Melanie sees herself having a flourishing business over the next five years--a business that has name recognition and that will help her be self-supporting. Less stress, a larger home, a trip to the European continent and Egypt and someone to share it all with, are also on her agenda. Success is sure to be just around the corner for determined shop owner, Melanie!

**In order to qualify for Melanie's giveaway, you must comment on this post by telling us: 1) What do you do to save the earth? and, 2) What is your favorite fragrance?

Both answers should be in one post which should also include your email address. Don't forget you can earn additional entries as detailed above. Good luck!

27 Cracked Eggs Said:

Turtle Bead said...

I recycle. I also choose to use natural air as air conditioning and I try to light Soy Candles at night instead of constantly using so much power. :D

I make Pure Soy candles so I have to say my favorite fragrance in general is Dragon's Blood. :D


Carole said...

Thanks for hosting this! 1) What do you do to save the earth? Any little thing I can! I love making my crafts out of found itemsm, scraps left over from other projects, and things other people would toss in the trash. 2) What is your favorite fragrance? Anything citrus: I love lemon-lime-tangerine palette of scents.

Ophelia said...

1) What do you do to save the earth?
I recycle a lot, I turn off the lights whenever I leave a room, use public transportation instead of my car as often as I can, don't print the documents I have on my computer unless I really need them on paper.

2) What is your favorite fragrance?
White musk.

celebel.echelon @

lisajhoney said...

To play my part in saving the earth I try and use natural products for cleaning such as baking soda and white vinegar, we also recycle our rubbish and try and buy second hand when we can.

My favourite fragrance is strawberry or citrus scents

My email lisajhoney(at)yahoo(dot)com

lisajhoney said...

I'm now a follower of your blog

My email lisajhoney(at)yahoo(dot)com

lisajhoney said...

My favourite item in the reducereuserepurpose shop was the Handmade Kokeshi Felt Pillow Doll
very cute

In the soapaddicts shop I like the tummy heat packs

lisajhoney said...


lisajhoney said...

I'm now a facebook fan and left a comment


TheHappySoul said...

I follow!

TheHappySoul said...

With 5 boys in this house, it can be really difficult to recycle as much as I might like to. As an Etsy seller, though... I recycle all packing materials and mailers, and I'm constantly trying to find ways to reuse stuff.

My favorite scent is a tough one, though... hmmm... I really like Sweet Pea FO, but I would have to say that Lemongrass EO is my absolute favorite.

TheHappySoul said...

Um... i would link to my favorite in Mel's shop, but I already bought it! LOL It was her coconut oil hand milled soap. :)

M.G. said...

Hi, I tweeted your big GIVEAWAY! Nice items!

M.G. said...

I recycle very day and donate my old stuff for repurposing! ;)

M.G. said...

My favorite soap is exfoliating bar with apricot seeds that I bought from soapy. So wonderful!

M.G. said...



eclairre said...

I always try to substitute a dish towel for paper towels! Save the trees! My favorite fragrance is baking bread - but i dunno if that qualifies, so i'd say I love the smell of coconuts.

linketjewelrydesign said...

I have a huge recycle bin that we fill up every week (The size of a trashbin.) As a mother I am also frequently reusing things to make other things for crafts and fun! I have also been working with turning plastic bags into reuasable yarn by kniting the strips together! That is neater then you would think I reccomend it!

I love vanila as my favorite! I know many people fiund it to be boring and flat, but I have always adored it. it is suble and gentle and I love it in lotions and chapstick!

I added a new heart!
I already had this one!
And from RRR I love her dollies!! Yay hair buns!!

Dovetail said...

My favorite item from soapaddicts is

I love having cute and fun guest soaps and bath products around for when every someone stops by. I have several of soaps small soaps and they smell wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I reuse a durable water bottle and actually now prefer tap water! No more $1.50 x 4 disposables a day cluttering up the place.

My favorite fragrance is usually vanilla, but sometimes I like something fruity, especially tropical.

Thanks for the chance to win!


ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kristen said...

I save the water while my shower is heating up and use it to water my vegetable garden.

My favorite scent is Peppermint.

couponboss at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

1) I no longer buy bottled water - instead I use a reusable water bottle filled with ice and tap water
2) Spearmint
june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com

SharpTeethOfLove said...

I recycle and use cloth shopping bags. My favorite scent is pomegranate

SharpTeethOfLove said...

blog follower

SharpTeethOfLove said...


Karen said...

We no longer use paper towels...cloth napkins for us! Natural cleaning products and re-purposing old furniture this week!

...and I love the smell of ROSES!!

Anonymous said...

I've started using one refillable water bottle, and we've also quit using paper towels. We have dishtowels for everything that I just wash with our other towels.

My favorite fragrance is hard. I love sweet pea, but I also love fruity and bakery scents as well.

email: brittmarie2789 at

Pepi Designs said...

Mel, great giveaway!
1) I recycle - paper, plastic, metal, glass - pretty much anything that can be recycled. I also try to do little things every day to: don't let the water run while brushing my teeth, or turn off the lights when I'm not in the room, etc.
2) that's a tough question... I like vanilla, but I also like gentle scents like lilacs, or gasmine, or lavender.

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